8/13 Boysenberry violet

The collection carpet for August presents itself in a lush, late-summery violet tone. 8/13 BOYSENBERRY VIOLET is entirely in the elegant shade and is reminiscent not only of the deep juicy berry colour, but also of the unique colours of its branches.

The design is inspired by the special selvage used, with an impressive variegated look. The different yarn colours in the violet selvage result in a delicate play of colours that bring the monocolour carpet to life. The carpet is also enlivened by a change in the lay-up direction – the transition from a horizontal to a vertical lay-up direction is a special detail.

8/13 BOYSENBERRY VIOLET ushers in the colours of the approaching autumn, reminding us not just we have experienced many beautiful sunny days; nature has too, and its colour palette will soon be shifting to subtler, warmer colours.

Dimensions: approx. 1.5 m x 2.2 m
Colour: Boysenberry violet
Design: Single colour with a sophisticated play of lay-up direction