13/13 Lichtblick

13/13 LICHTBLICK, the thirteenth and final unique carpet in our limited collection, 13/13 REFLECTING COLOURS, thrives on its contrasts.

13/13 LICHTBLICK depicts a misty morning, when everything initially appears cloudy and grey, before the rising sun gradually burns the mist away, revealing the still dewy landscape and painting everything in a wonderful, warm, glowing light.

The rug translates this atmospheric scene into graduated shades of grey, from dark at the bottom to lighter and brighter at the top. Subtle highlights of delicate pastel colours shimmer through the variegated greys. Greens and other natural shades symbolise the countryside emerging from the mist, while a tender, fresh yellow evokes the first light of day, the ‘Lichtblick’. The selvages are composed freely, with the combination of horizontal and vertical lay-ups creating a fascinating ensemble.

13/13 LICHTBLICK reminds us that beauty is often hidden at first, and that even the darkest grey clouds eventually give way to warm sunlight.

Dimensions: approx. 1.5 m x 2.2 m
Colour: Shades of grey with accents in multiple colours
Design: A curated combination of horizontal and vertical lay-ups


The thirteenth carpet of the collection 13/13 is presented at our partner

Raumwerk – Concept Store und Galerie
Schwanthalerstraße 125 + 142
80339 München-Westend