9/13 Reed beige

The ninth unique carpet for September, 9/13 REED BEIGE, is inspired by the colours of the elegant grass-like plant that populates lake shores and wetlands.

After the bold colourways of the summer, we are going back to nature with the authentic, delicate colours of 9/13 REED BEIGE.
Two shades of beige, reminiscent of the plant’s sturdy stalks and fluffy spikes, complement one another to form a harmonious, earthy colour composition.

The design, featuring an unusual vertical layup, reflects the delicate, elongated aesthetic of the beautiful plant, and you can almost imagine the stalks rustling softly in a gentle lakeside breeze.

Dimensions: approx. 1.5 m x 2.2 m
Colour: Reed beige
Design: Two-tone block design with a vertical layup


The ninth carpet of the collection 9/13 is presented at our partner

Kirsten Krause Inneneinrichtungen
Kreishausstr. 8
32051 Herford