4/13 Sea blue

The fourth carpet in the collection, 4/13 SEA BLUE, is an homage to the tranquil, endless blue of the sea. As a single colour statement in a clear shade of blue, it symbolises the tranquillity and calm, as well as the power, of the sea.

The design is also dominated by clarity and tranquillity; the selvages are laid in uniform horizontal lines. The soft colour accents in the pure blue selvages create a delicate arrangement of lines reminiscent of the fine foam tips of waves disappearing towards the horizon.

The carpet embodies the memory of the therapeutic, uplifting power exuded by the sea. The dreams of vastness and infinity, the desires it inspires – nowhere can your mind wander and find peace better than when looking out to sea.

Dimensions: approx. 1.5 m x 2.2 m
Colour: Sea blue
Design: Horizontal lay-up, single colour