12/13 Snow white

Our new carpet for this month reflects a winter mood
12/13 SNOW WHITE: Entirely in pure white, it is an homage to the white splendour of snow. Reduced and puristic, it interprets the special magic of the white season.

The carpet intentionally forgoes all colour highlights, playing only with the fine thread lines of the selvages and sophisticated changes in the layup direction, reminiscent of drifts and tracks in fresh snow.

12/13 SNOW WHITE instils a yearning for long walks through crunchy snow, the special light and peerless tranquillity of snowed-in winter landscapes.

Dimensions: approx. 1.5 m x 2.2 m
Colour: Snow white
Design: Single colour in a combination of horizontal and vertical layups


The twelfth carpet of the collection 12/13 is presented at our partner

Böhmler Büro und Objekt GmbH
Tal 11
80331 Munich