Reflecting colours

The collection 13/13 REFLECTING COLOURS comprises 13 unique carpets by 13RUGS. In our world of colour overload, the collection intentionally concentrates on 2 x 13 curated colours. While we are often casual and almost jaded when it comes to colours, the collection focuses on the rare occasions when we experience colours more intensely and consciously: the cool, calming grey of a mountain range, the lush green of a meadow in early spring, the radiant blue of the ocean.

With the 13/13 REFLECTING COLOURS collection, we want to immerse ourselves in the stories we associate with the colours and bring them to life, spiritually and tangibly. For us, REFLECTING COLOURS means exploring the impact of each colour in the collection, starting with our sources of inspiration, and translating them into unique textile products.

The collection’s palette of colours comprises 2 x 13 selvage colours, and these colours are used exclusively in the collection: 13 colours and 13 non-colours, all inspired by nature. The collection thrives on the mix of monotone designs that focus entirely on one of the collection colours, and mixed colour compositions combining various natural colours.

The 13 carpets in the collection are conceived as autonomous, unique products, yet also form part of a series. Each carpet tells its own story in colour and design; each unique product features different laying methods and design options. Viewed as a whole, the collection gives a comprehensive insight into the creative possibilities the hand-made, unique 13RUGS carpets offer.